Australasian Association for Logic (AAL)


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Annual conference

2021 meeting:
Online, June 23-25

The annual conference of the AAL takes place in New Zealand or in Australia. It is often collocated with some other academic event related to logic.

Abstracts of the talks presented at the annual conference appear in the Bulletin of Symbolic Logic.
Australasian Journal of Logic

Established in 2003, the Australasian Journal of Logic is a fully refereed, freely available journal covering all areas of research in logic. It aims to be a repository of timely, original and significant research in pure logic, and logic as it is applied in mathematics, computer science, linguistics and philosophy. Submissions are welcome.


AAL members communicate with each other by word of mouth, email, annual meetings and a journal. Membership is free, and not recorded. Usually, initiation rites are performed at the annual conference. Interested individuals are welcome to attend the conference and more than welcome to volunteer a presentation.